World leaders ‘shocked’ by the US and China’s joint climate commitment

The joint climate pledge between the United States and China has “shocked” world leaders, according to The West Australian’s Federal Political Reporter Sarah Ison.

Ms Ison pointed out the announcement had been made at a “very similar time” to Xi Jinping’s warning against a return to Cold War-era tensions in the Asia-Pacific region

The Australian has also reported Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has rejected claims of a new cold war while describing the AUKUS pact as a “big bet” on Australia which the US is determined to implement quickly.

“It just seems like a lot has been said in a very short amount of time and it’s very interesting to sort of see it all play out,” Ms Ison told Sky News host Jenna Clarke.

“On the one hand America saying look, we’re staying in the region – on the other hand this really surprising deal between China and America.”

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