‘Woke mob’ wants to ‘portray things in a certain way’: Bernardi

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says a transgender activist who led a walkout among Netflix employees has a history of posting “anti-gay” and “anti-Asian” slurs online.

Mr Bernardi said comedian Dave Chappelle released his sixth Netflix special, The Closer, with his jokes sparking outrage among the “alphabet mafia” community – including Netflix employees.

“Things are never as they seem because the woke mob, they want to portray things in a certain way but it often is not entirely accurate,” Mr Bernardi said.

“As it turns out, the transgender activist who led the walkout has a history of positing anti-gay and anti-Asian slurs online.

“And I tell you, they’re so graphic, I can’t even show you a censored version of them.”

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