Will You Find PlayStation and Xbox Black Friday Deals in 2021? | Personal-finance

Shoppers hoping to pick up a new PlayStation or Xbox this holiday season have limited options: Pay excessive markups to get a console now, or wait for retailers to restock the systems at regular price and risk not getting one at all.

If you have a Walmart+ membership, take advantage of the four-hour head start on online shopping. It’s possible that the Xbox and PlayStation consoles will sell out before nonmembers get access to the Black Friday sale. Not a Walmart+ member? You can sign up for the service and cancel at any time. It costs $12.95 per month or $98 per year. Note that you need to sign up for the paid membership, not the free trial membership, to get the early access.

Take a moment to decide whether these desirable consoles are worth the money and hassle. Settling for an alternative might be more sensible. Older models from third-party sellers and other systems, like the Nintendo Switch, are likely all you’re going to find in stock at a reasonable price.

How to budget for a PlayStation or Xbox

A video game console can be a pricey purchase, even if you don’t plan to drop $1,000 on a resale. Consider paying with a credit card that offers perks such as cash back or a no-interest period, if you have one. This can minimize the impact on your budget.

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