When are the local elections 2022?

THE local elections will be running across the UK in 2022, as voters choose who they want to run their area and take care of local services which affect the everyday lives of citizens.

This is when and where you can vote in the 2022 local elections if you are eligible.

The UK will be hosting elections on May 5, 2022


The UK will be hosting elections on May 5, 2022Credit: Rex

When are the local elections 2022?

The local elections across the UK will be on May 5, 2022.

The polls will open at 7am and close at 10pm.

As England, Wales and Scotland vote to elect their local authorities, Northern Ireland will be voting to choose their government.

The results are expected to reflect people’s opinions on current UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, their thoughts on the “partygate” scandal, on the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and on the living crisis.

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Where are the local elections 2022?

There will be several locations holding elections across the UK.

There are over 4,000 councillors competing in 146 councils in places such as Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham.

All 32 London boroughs will be holding elections.

Some of the places holding elections across London are:


  • Tandridge District Council which has 42 councillors: 16 Independents and OLRG Alliance councillors, 14 Conservatives, nine Liberal Democrats and three independents. 14 of the councillors are running for re-election.
  • Woking Borough Council has 30 councillors. The Conservatives have 13 seats while the Lib Dems hold 12. The Labour party are holding three seats as the other two are filled by independents. This council has 10 seats to be voted on for this election.
  • Reigate and Banstead Borough Council has 15 seats to be voted on this election. The majority of the Council is run by the Conservatives with 28. Both the Residents Association and the Green Party hold seven seats each while the Lib Dems have three.
  • Runnymede Borough Council has 14 seats to be voted on. The Conservatives hold the majority of the seats with 25. Runnymede Independent Residents Group has six seats while the Runnymede Residents Group holds two. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Independent Group have a seat each, which leaves one seat vacant.
  • Elmbridge Borough Council has 16 seats up for grabs in this election. The Conservatives have 17 seats while the Lib Dems have nine. The rest of the 22 seats are filled by several independent and resident associations.
  • Mole Valley District Council will have 14 seats up for the election. The Liberal Democrats currently hold 22 of the seats while the Conservatives hold 12. The other seven are occupied by the Informal Independent Group.


  • Maidstone Borough Council has 18 seats running for the election. The Conservative currently 29 seats in the Council while the Liberal Democrats have 11. The Independent Group and the Maidstone Group have five seats each while the Labour party fills the other three.
  • Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has 16 seats available this year. The Conservatives have 21 seats while the Liberal Democrats have 12. Tunbridge Wells Alliance fill another six as the Labour fills five and the other three are filled by independents. A third of Tunbridge Wells’ councillors are elected every year for three years and then there’s a county council election in the fourth. It is considering to change its system to just having an election every four years.

East Sussex

Hasting Borough Council is the only council to host an election this year in East Sussex, with 16 seats running.

The Labour Party hold 18 seats against the Conservatives’ 12. The other two are filled by the Green Party.

West Sussex

  • Crawley Borough Council is contesting 12 seats in this election. The Conservatives hold 18 seats, one more than the Labour Party who have 17. The other seat is filled by an independent councillor.
  • Adur District Council has 14 seats running in this election. Currently, 19 seats are filled by the Conservatives while the Labour hold seven. There are two independent councillors as the Green Party holds a single seat.
  • Worthing Borough Council has 13 seats in the running. Both the Conservative party and Labour Party hold 17 seats while the Liberal Democrats have two. The last seat is held by an independent.

In Scotland, all 1,219 seats from 32 local councils are being contested.

In the last election the Scottish National Party (SNP) won 431 seats while the Conservatives overtook the Labour Party for the first time ever.

Meanwhile, in Wales, the number of seats is reducing from 1,254 to 1,231 in 22 local councils.

The Labour Party had the most dominance in the election with 408 seats won while Plaid Cymru came in second with 208.

The Conservatives won 184 seats while the Liberal Democrats occupied 63.

Can I vote in the local elections 2022?

Applications to vote in this year’s elections are closed.

If you are eligible to vote, you can now apply to vote in future elections.

The next election is on May 2, 2024.

To be eligible to vote, you must be:

  • 16 or over in England and 14 or over in Scotland and Wales;
  • a British citizen;
  • an Irish or EU citizen living in the UK;
  • a Commonwealth citizen who has permission or does not need permission to enter or stay in the UK;
  • a citizen of another country living in Scotland or Wales who has permission or does not need permission to enter or stay in the UK.
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You only need to register once, there is no need to register with every election.

If you changed your name, address or nationality, you must re-register.

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