Wet Randwick track to benefit Everest frontrunners Eduardo and Nature Strip

Racing NSW expert Brad Gray says the wet Royal Randwick track will favour speed horses as Nature Strip and Eduardo firm up as favourites for the Everest.

“You speak to 10, 20 different people there’s going to be a mix of opinions which is one of the great elements of the race,” Mr Gray told Sky News Australia.

“I think it certainly suits a couple of key contenders and maybe diminishes a couple of others. I think you’re looking at a horse like Nature Strip, Eduardo, they’re certainly suited by a wetter track and what that does for them is they’re speed horses and it just takes the edge off the tempo.

“Obviously, Nature Strip has been to Everest before and he’s just gone too hard and it’s just set it up for someone to come over the top so I don’t think on a wet track you can go as hard so it might just take away from those horses’ running.”

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