Wedding venue threatens legal battle over controversial Inner West skatepark

A venue in Sydney’s Inner West is preparing for a legal battle over the construction of a controversial skatepark.

The Inner West Council approved the construction of the Lilyfield Skate Plaza during a meeting last night.

The council voted 14 to one in favour of the skate plaza which will be constructed at the Bay Run, in Lilyfield, right beside function centre Le Montage.

Legal battle over construction of Lilyfield Skate Plaza
The skatepark will be constructed on the Bay Run in Lilyfield. (9News)

Navarra, the owners of Le Montage, said they will oppose the decision to build the skatepark in court.

“Navarra is disappointed with the decision of full steam ahead for Lilyfield Skate Plaza in this location,” Senior Managing Partner Giovannino Navarra said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, we will have to battle it out in court.

Legal battle over construction of Lilyfield Skate Plaza
Le Montage, a wedding and function venue, plans to battle the construction of the skatepark. (9News)

“Taxpayers’ money is once again down the drain by not doing enough location research and providing valid reports that will ensure successful completion and no court battles.

“Montage (Le Montage) is a business that has been operating in this community for 26 years so we  can have input regarding the safety and environmental issues surrounding the kid’s Skate Plaza.”

Legal battle over construction of Lilyfield Skate Plaza
The Inner West Council approved the construction during a meeting last night. (9News)

Councillor Philippa Scott responded to the threat of legal action calling for Le Montage to respect “the community’s wishes as conveyed through their elected representatives”.

“While Le Montage claims to be concerned with the environment and the safety of children, it is transparently clear that they are really only concerned with one thing, not having a skate park next to their luxury wedding venue,” Scott said.

“If we want our teens to stay active, healthy, and connected to their communities, we need to build the facilities that make that happen.

“The truth is, that skate parks promote pro-social behaviour and it’s unfair and untrue to suggest that our young people are inherently criminal or anti-social.”

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The council said it is prepared to “vigourously defend” the decision in court.

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