Victoria Police officer charged over alleged assault on member of public at Flinders Station last year

The senior constable allegedly assaulted a man at Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station on September 22, following anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protests that took place across the city.

Video of the incident, which circulated heavily on social media at the time, appeared to show a male officer approaching another man, who was talking to police, and tackling him to the ground at the train station.

A senior constable with Victoria Police has been charged over the alleged assault of a member of the public last year. (Facebook)

A loud noise could be heard as the man’s head appeared to hit the station’s tiled floor.

Following a joint investigation conducted by Victoria Police and the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC), it was concluded that the officer acted unlawfully.

He has been charged with recklessly causing injury, unlawful assault and common law assault.

An empty Flinders Street Station in Melbourne.
The alleged assault took place at Flinders Street Station in September 2021. (Getty)

Weeks of protests took place across the state last year, while much of Melbourne was under strict lockdown conditions.

Hundreds of protesters were arrested throughout the demonstrations, which saw angry crowds become violent and out of control.

The officer was suspended from his duties in September of last year and will face court on the charges at a later date.

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