US casinos look to improve gender equity in management | National News

In 2017 the company announced an commitment to achieve gender equality among its leadership ranks by 2025.

Juggling the demands of the job with those of home life, particularly during a pandemic, placed special stress on women, including those with children, panelists agreed. They told of trying to keep kids quiet and off-camera during Zoom meetings, and the exhaustion that came from working all day online or at the office, and then doing what needed to be done at home.

“I try not to respond to emails at 1 a.m.,” added Brooke Fiumara, co-founder of the casino software company OPTX and a former casino executive. “It’s important to set boundaries.”

Small, subtle things like inviting women in a board meeting to sit at the main table instead of in chairs up against the wall can send a strong message of inclusion and support, Chamberlin said.

‘Say, ‘C’mon, Erin, sit up here,'” she said. “You’d be amazed how far things like that would go.”

Stacey Rowland, vice president of regulatory compliance for Rush Street Gaming, said companies need to make a firm commitment to diversity, and follow through on it. That, she said, eventually will lead to a company that sees the world differently.

“Instead of saying, ‘I know a guy,’ say, ‘I know a gal. And she can do the job,’” Rowland said.

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