UK politics live: MPs to get vote ‘as soon as possible’ on proposal to suspend Owen Paterson, No 10 says

Move comes after yesterday’s vote to scrap standards regulator. New motion to propose that he should be suspended for 30 days

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the Commons, has just told MPs that yesterday’s vote mistakenly confused an individual case with the general argument about the need for reform. And he also said reforms to the disciplinary process for MPs needed to proceed on a cross-party basis.

He said the new committee being set up will not consider whether the Owen Paterson case needs to be reviewed.

I could do lots of things. We had a manifesto commitment to deliver Brexit and we delivered Brexit. That was something which we promised to do and the prime minister led a government that delivered that. We’ve also made very explicit comments and commitments on climate change …

Holding yourself to manifesto commitments and delivering those commitments is, I think, a feature of integrity.

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