TV Black Friday 2021 Deals: Are They Worth It? | Personal-finance

How to decide if it’s worth it

Many retail experts expect mediocre Black Friday deals compared with those of past years. Discounts might be smaller. High demand for big-ticket electronics and many retailers’ strategy of revolving limited-time offers could make shoppers miss out on peak savings or inventory.

If you have a specific TV in mind, it’ll be tougher to snag a deal the longer you wait. But you’ll likely find a satisfying bargain if you’re open to browsing different TV options.

How to budget for a TV

Ideally, buying a new TV won’t put you in debt or compromise your ability to pay for necessities. Set a spending limit based on how much money you estimate having left after paying for regular monthly expenses and other holiday purchases. A simple spreadsheet or budget planner can help you work out those numbers.

Next, scope out TV deals to find a suitable price and model. Pay attention to factors like brand, screen size and picture quality as you compare costs. If it turns out that Black Friday isn’t the right time to buy, explore ways to save money and bolster your budget until you’re ready.

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