Top Toys to Get Before They Sell Out 2021 | Lifestyles

Kids ages 7 and up can take classic Crayola art projects to a new level with this nifty airbrush sprayer kit. After loading a washable Crayola Mini Marker into the sprayer, budding artists can pump it to airbrush their favorite colors onto eight different stencil sheets to create their own spray art.

Children can catch over 100 fairies in two separate jars as they move around with Got2Glow Fairies interactive game. Glowing fairies light up their jar. Kids can also play games to collect rare fairies—and even talk to them and feed them. The My Fairy app will teach them more about their collection.

What child can resist a pet dinosaur that dances, laughs, roars, and farts? Squeakee The Balloon Dino does all those hilarious things and more. Watch him stomp around, chomp, and even wriggle around while playing tug of war. Kids can feed, tickle, and train Squeakee to do tricks. Overall, he makes over 70 fun sounds and reactions.

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