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Top Tailgaiting Tips from

Football season is here, and that means it’s time to start planning your college football tailgating fun!

Honestly, college football tailgating can be fun no matter where you go. That said, visiting some of the top tailgating colleges in the country will make it even more exciting, and doing so in an RV will ensure you have an awesome time in complete comfort. 

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Not sure where the best college football tailgating experiences can be found? Lucky for you, we know exactly where you should go. Read on to learn about our absolute favorite places to experience a college football tailgate.

One of our favorite east coast college football tailgating destinations is Penn State University, and considering it’s one of the top destinations for RVshare renters, we’d say a lot of people agree. Despite the fact that this stadium is hours away from any major city, an entire city seems to emerge from nothing each game day, and the energy is electric. 

Hoping to do more than just party and watch the game? Some of our favorite things to do in the area include strolling the Arboretum at Penn State and exploring the Palmer Art Museum. 

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