TikTok surges in global popularity as young Australians turn away from Instagram

Social media app TikTok is topping global popularity charts as young Australians are choosing to spend much less time on the Instagram app than they once were.

TikTok has been revealed as the world’s most downloaded app in October.

The Chinese video sharing platform has now been the most downloaded app non-gaming app for more than 10 months, according to Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform data.

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Tiktok was the most downloaded app across the world in October. (Getty)

Instagram was the second most downloaded app in the world in October.

However, the amount of time young Australians spend on the photo sharing platform has reportedly slumped nine per cent, down to 36 minutes a day.

The rise of TikTok could be to blame for the change.

TikTok influencer Tijen Simseker and her dog Mocha launched their social media career on Instagram, however they now have their biggest audience on TikTok, where they have 12.5 million followers.

“I’m hearing a lot more people talking about TikTok,” she said.

“Even walking down a busy area you hear people talking about TikTok.”

Melbourne TikTok influencer Caleb Finn said the platform had “definitely changed (his) life in every aspect”.

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The 26-year-old has 13.5 million followers, making him among the top five most followed accounts in the country.

It has led to him getting major advertising deals with companies including Netflix, Marvel, Sony, Hungry Jacks.

However, Instagram is fighting to compete with the competition of TikTok and its short videos.

The platform, which typically featured still images, is moving towards ‘reels’ – its own type of short videos.

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