Testing row continues as lines surge; More people given wrong COVID-19 test results in Sydney

An infectious diseases expert has joined the growing call for Australia to rely more on rapid antigen tests for COVID-19 which can be done at home.

Infectious diseases expert Dr Robert Booy told Today the tests are highly accurate amid an ongoing row about people waiting for hours for tests to go to Queensland.

“We need to get into a more practical way. The rapid antigen is a sensible way to simplify this. We have to have trust for each other at border,” he said

.”Four out of five people who have COVID are picked up. If you do a second test, you pick up even more.

“So, they are not perfect. But, gosh, they are good.

“You can get a result at home within 20 minutes, not 20 hours.”

He called new revelations of incorrect rest results sent out to 1000 people in Sydney “distressing.”

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