Sydney hospitality sector ‘desperate’ for workers as venues fight over staff

Adoni Media’s Leisa Goddard says hospitality venues are “desperate” for staff as they try to get back on their feet after months of COVID lockdowns.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting hospitality venues in Sydney are in a war for staff with some people picking up dozens of offers in a matter of hours.

“I was shaking my head a few weeks back because there was a story where … a pizza restaurant in Bondi was offering $2,000 as an incentive for signing on and taking on the job in the café or the kitchen,” she said.

“So that’s a sign of how desperate our hospitality sector is.

“This is their chance to try and get back on their feet if they’ve managed to survive all the lockdowns and actually still have a business to open the doors.

“And now they have to try and find staff to get that business running.”

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