Six rescued from Queensland floodwaters

Six people including an infant child have been rescued from floodwaters in southern Queensland with a major flood warning current for the Logan and Albert rivers.

The people were all rescued late on Friday and in the early hours of Saturday after entering floodwaters despite official warnings.

They were issued after the body of a man was found in a submerged ute near Rockhampton, in central Queensland, earlier on Friday.

Police had to enter waters to rescue an infant and two women from a car struck in a torrent at Freestone Creek Bridge on the Cunningham Hwy at Warwick about 10.40pm on Friday.

About 10 minutes later emergency services were called 10km away at Swan Creek.

Officers used a rope and formed a human chain, wading into strong, waist-high current to reach a woman trapped in a car on Jack Smith Gully Rd.

They managed the pull her through the window and carry her to safety.

A man and boy stranded in rising waters in their four-wheel drive on Forest Hill Fernvale Rd, Glenore Grove, were also rescued by police about 3.20am on Saturday.

The Bureau of Meterology has issued a flood watch for all southeast Queensland catchments.

A major flood warning is current for the Logan and Albert Rivers with the town of Beaudesert set to be partially inundated.

The Logan River was at 9.07m, above the major flood level of 8.3m, on Saturday morning and could peak close to 9.2m in the afternoon, the BOM said.

Moderate flood warnings have also been issued for the Balonne, Condamine, lower Macintyre and Weir rivers in the state’s south.

Police Superintendent Danny Shaw urged people and drivers to avoid floodwaters with more rain predicted on saturday.

He said conditions can change quickly and heavy rain can significantly damage roads, so even if flooded road that appears safe on the surface, it may not be underwater.

“It’s not worth risking the lives of yourself, your loved ones, and those of emergency services,” Supt Shaw said in a statement.

“I’m urging residents to use common sense, back away from flooded roadways, delay your journey if necessary.

“If it’s flooded, forget it.”

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