Senior Liberal MP Tim Smith resigns from Shadow Cabinet after being caught drink driving

Victorian Senior Liberal MP Tim Smith has resigned from the shadow cabinet after he was caught drink driving on his way home from a dinner last night.

Mr Smith has issued a statement this afternoon announcing his withdrawal from the shadow cabinet.

“Last night I made a serious error of judgement,” it reads.

Tim Smith. Picture: Rob Gunstone (Nine)

“After dinner with friends I believed I was under the legal limit to drive home.”

Mr Smith has said he returned a positive BAC when pulled over by police, revealing he was been fined and his licence has been suspended for 12 months.

“I apologise to my constituents, my colleagues, my family and the people of Victoria who expect their elected representatives to uphold the highest standards of behaviour.”

“Today I tendered my resignation from the Shadow Cabinet to the Leader of the Opposition, which he has accepted.”

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