Ralph Lauren unveils Team USA’s opening Olympic uniforms | Technology

Ralph Lauren went with navy for their gloves, and all athletes will be provided with masks to help guard against COVID-19. Team USA’s paralympians will receive the same gear. The uniforms were made in the U.S. The team’s closing ceremony looks in a buffalo plaid design were unveiled in October.

Evans, who competes in two-person bobsled, wasn’t particularly nervous about soon heading to China while the omicron variant still poses challenges. The host country has severely restricted spectators and taken other precautions.

“We test every other day within the sport of bobsled and when we get to Beijing, we’ll be testing every single day,” she said.

The 33-year-old Evans said she’ll miss the camaraderie of Olympic Village life, exchanging Olympic pins, meeting fellow athletes from all over the world and attending events in other sports.

“This Olympic Village life will be a lot different than my previous Olympic Games. I know that, you know, with the COVID restrictions, there won’t be as much interacting and mingling or even going to other events. That’s going to be a bit disappointing and unfortunate. But the fact that the Olympic Games are going on is a blessing,” she said.

Evans, from the south side of Chicago, grew up in track and field with Olympic hopes. At the urging of a college coach, she switched to bobsled after graduation. Though she lives in Atlanta, she returns to Chicago often to encourage other kids like her to reach for their dreams.

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