PM’s attack on ICAC was ‘disrespectful and ill informed’

Lawyer and judicial officer Anthony Whealy says Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s attack on ICAC as a “kangaroo court” was “disrespectful and ill informed”.

It comes after Mr Morrison criticised the way Gladys Berejiklian was treated by the New South Wales anti-corruption body and slammed Labor’s support for a federal ICAC.

“First of all, ICAC’s not a court, it’s not part of the justice system … it’s part of the executive, it’s in effect a standing royal commission,” Mr Whealy told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“We have royal commissions from time to time and no one describes them as a kangaroo court even though they sometimes have to expose things about people’s private lives.

“You can always complain that its processes need improvement and you can complain about the outcomes if you want to, I mean it’s a free world, we can say what we like.

“But I think we have to respect our institutions and if we don’t, we do damage to the pursuit of integrity in public life.”

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