Pet Favorites: Indoor Toys that Your Pup Will Love this Winter | Lifestyles

As the weather gets colder both you and your pup may not want to venture out into freezing temperatures to get some exercise. Staying inside is easy but keeping your dog entertained may come as a challenge.

Finding toys for your pet that are both safe for them and the interior of your home can be tough, but we’re here to help. Below are some of our favorite indoor dog toys that will keep them occupied and will not damage your home. 

While indoor toys are a simple solution for avoiding the outdoors during cold days, dog toys can often damage the interior of your home – scratches on the floor, scuff marks on the wall, dents in the fridge, etc. Fumbler toys by ChuckIt help relieve some of the anxiety of playing with your pup inside. These toys are designed for the indoors, your dog will love the soft exterior of these indoor balls and your interior will appreciate it too.

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