Paul Keating’s view on China ‘fundamentally flawed’

Labor MP Peter Khalil says although former Prime Minister Paul Keating was right about certain things in his press club address, his worldview is “fundamentally flawed” when it comes to China.

“He’s right on his criticism of Scott Morrison being one dimensional in his approach with AUKUS because where’s Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India … there needs to be a deeper strategic construct there for us to work in our region to ensure that that liberal rules-based order is maintained,” he told Sky News Australia.

“Where I disagree with Paul Keating frankly, and this is where it’s really a quite important issue in the national debate, is the fundamental worldview that Keating has.”

Mr Khalil said Mr Keating had a “might is right” worldview where Australia can do little else to China but “take the edges off” the nation’s strength.

Mr Khalil also said this was “fundamentally flawed” as it did not take into account the power of Australia and its allies and assumes a “benign China” who will not invade neighbouring territories.

“All the evidence that we have seen, particularly in the last five to ten years, is that even when we’re in a position of relative strength is China, you know, taking certain actions,” he said.

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