Pat Dooley’s 5 negative sides for Florida football

On Tuesday, I gave you the reasons why it’s a positive thing that Florida made it to a bowl game. Now, I am not saying that there is never a reason to be happy with a bowl appearance.

But there are some negatives for Florida in this one.

This is written while also understanding that the bowls are a reward for players and can be of value. It’s just that the circumstances are different this year.

Or maybe not. After all, the game is sold out. And it is one last chance to claim the state title. Here’s a look at why it might not be so great.

5 reasons why the Gasparilla Bowl is a great opportunity for Florida


This game is reminiscent of Florida’s basketball postseason game against Florida Gulf Coast in 2013.

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Florida fans were petrified that the little brother would win in the Sweet 16 because they would have to hear about it for years. Those Gators won easily in Arlington, Texas, but there is that same kind of angst when you have to play a bowl game against another state team instead of some middle-of-the-pack Power 5 team you might never see again.


It’s Emory Jones’ show.

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And that hasn’t been good in a lot of games this year. With his back-up having taken no snaps this season, you figure will get a heavy dose of the quarterback who got pulled from his last game after throwing three interceptions.


Do you really get a full-on effort from the coaching staff?

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These are guys looking for jobs as soon as this game is over, and they are only coaching in it because they have to fulfill their contracts. I don’t doubt that Greg Knox is going to want to go 2-0 as an interim coach, but the development of younger players during bowl prep is not going to be a high priority for coaches who won’t be coaching those players next season.


The Oklahoma team that embarrassed Florida in last year’s Cotton Bowl was a lot better than this UCF team.

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But if Florida shows up the same way they did for that game, it could be even more embarrassing. UCF has a lot to play for. Florida is just trying to avoid a losing season. Everyone admired how hard this team played for a skeleton coaching staff in the finale, but do these guys have it in them to do it again? That is the question.


Florida has been the favorite, sometimes by double digits, in four of its losses…

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