‘Partisan’ journalists ‘ignored’ Liberal MP’s tweet

The Australian’s Sophie Elsworth says it’s quite shocking partisan journalists ignored Bridget Archer’s tweet which set the record straight regarding the image of her.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison hauled Liberal MP Bridget Archer into a meeting after she crossed the floor over a national anti-corruption watchdog.

The meeting took place following a vote in the House of Representatives on Thursday after Ms Archer voted against her government on the need to debate a national integrity commission.

A photo then emerged of Ms Archer with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg talking to her, with many quick to add commentary on the image.

In the tweet, Ms Archer said: “Thank you to my very good friend Josh Frydenburg (sic) who was checking on my welfare here. Reports that he was lecturing me are in no way true. He is a good person and was being very kind to me”.

“It fits in with the agenda here of a lot of partisan journos that really want to be anti-Coalition,” Ms Elsworth told Sky News Australia.

“I really think it’s quite shocking that it’s being ignored what Ms Archer actually said on Twitter as well.”

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