Other countries should stop ‘lecturing us about our emissions’

Herald Sun journalist Caleb Bond says he is “so sick” of other countries “lecturing us about our emissions and our plans” to address climate change and argues they should worry about their own backyards.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting a draft decision paper released at the COP26 conference will urge a number of countries including Australia to set more ambitious 2030 emissions reduction targets by next November.

“Australia is a very different country to a lot of the rest of the world,” Mr Bond told Sky News host Jenna Clarke.

“I mean all these European countries, they’re the size of a postage stamp.

“They can ride around on bikes; they don’t have to chew up fossil fuels to move things from one end of the country to the other like we do.

“I mean this country survives on trucks and agriculture and all the other things that come with it and they’re naturally resource intensive industries.”

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