One new COVID 19 case detected Gold Coast

A new Queensland local COVID-19 case is ‘seriously unwell’ and was potentially infectious in the community for up to 10 days, sparking fears of transmission on the Gold Coast.

The man from Broadbeach was not vaccinated and has potentially been infectious in the community for up to 10 days.

He has been hospitalised and is currently so unwell that he has been unable to disclose his recent movements with health authorities.

“We don’t have any venues at this stage because as I said he is so sick that he’s having difficulty communicating with us and difficulty remembering,” Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said.

“This is very difficult for him, but it’s also very difficult for the Gold Coast community because I can’t give you those areas he’s been to.”

It was reported by Queensland health authorities that the man was a driver for rideshare company Uber. However an Uber spokesperson told 2GB he has not driven for the platform since September 19.

An Uber spokesperson said the company is working with public health authorities in each state and “have processes in place to temporarily remove an individual’s access to the Uber app if authorities report an infection”.

“We may also limit other individuals’ access to the app if health authorities advise there is a risk,” the spokesperson said.

“The well-being of those who use the Uber platform is a key priority for us, and we have a dedicated team working around the clock to support them the very best we can.”

Investigations are continuing into the positive case, but Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said it’s believed he was from interstate. She has ruled out a lockdown.

“We are a little bit concerned about this person,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

She called it “a wake up call for the Gold Coast”.

“Gold Coast residents, if you have any concerns or any symptoms please go and get tested,” she said.

Ms Palaszczuk said she was not inclined to lock down the Gold Coast as vaccination rates there were “quite good”.

She said the case should serve as a warning to the unvaccinated.

“You don’t want to end up like this young man in hospital, extremely ill,” said Ms Palaszczuk.

What we know so far about Queensland’s new positive case

Dr Young said the man lived in a resort apartment complex in Broadbeach and we understand that he was in Melbourne on October 10″.

“We are getting all of that clarified at the moment, but that is our understanding. He then came back into Queensland.”

She said the man’s COVID-19 symptoms were so severe that communicating with him was proving difficult.

He began to develop symptoms on October 11, meaning he was infectious from October 9.

He is currently in Gold Coast University Hospital.

Dr Young warned anyone who has been to Broadbeach that they are at risk.

Ms Palaszczuk also announced a new vaccination blitz in the state.

The “Super Saturday” initiative will see over 100 schools across the state open from 8am to 2pm for people to get vaccinated.

“It’s absolutely critical that people come out and get vaccinated,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

She also slammed comments made by federal government backbencher George Christensen.

In a Facebook post, Mr Christensen outlined his campaign “against vaccine apartheid” and has condemned vaccination passports.

“We do not need reckless comments by politicians that are putting our community’s life at risk,” said Ms Palaszczuk.

“He’s telling people not to get vaccinated.”

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