NSW government should plant more trees instead of ‘banning’ dark roofs

The New South Wales government should plant more trees instead of “banning” dark coloured roofs in new developments if it is “serious” about climate-conscious planning, says Herald Sun journalist Caleb Bond.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting an effort to boost NSW’s emissions reductions response will see all large commercial buildings designed from next year required to operate at net zero and dark roofs discontinued on new homes built in Sydney.

NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes made the announcement on Wednesday.

“If what he (Minister Stokes) is trying to achieve is to stop these sort of urban heat sinks … one of the things that can reduce the temperature in suburbs by degrees, noticeably, by up to 10 degrees, is trees,” Mr Bond said.

“Here’s a novel idea, plant more trees, and if we’re creating new development don’t cut down all the trees, build around them.

“The coolness that that provides will far outweigh mandating that people have to have cream roofs or something.”

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