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Food-Nitehawk Cinema Cookbook

This cover image released by Countryman Press shows “Nitehawk Cinema Presents: Movie-Inspired Menus from Brooklyn’s Dine-In Theater.

NEW YORK (AP) — More than a decade ago, Matthew Viragh was a Texan with a dream. He wanted to serve moviegoers booze and prepared food as they sat in their seats. In Brooklyn. But he had a state Prohibition-era liquor ban to contend with first.

Viragh, who left advertising for the theater business, hired an Albany lobbyist. The lobbyist rounded up some friendly lawmakers, and Nitehawk Cinema got its wish in 2011, becoming New York State’s first legal dine-in theater. Then, Viragh began creating cocktail and food selections themed to the movies he was offering.

“It was a long shot,” he told The Associated Press in a recent interview. “I didn’t quite expect it to happen, so we were prepared to operate how we initially set it up, where we would have a restaurant and bar in the front area. It certainly has created opportunities for other theaters, too, in the city.”

With two Brooklyn locations now and a loyal following, Viragh has extended his dream to a cookbook, “Nitehawk Cinema Presents,” offering fan-favorite recipes and cocktails adapted for home. He and his team of cinephiles, chefs and mixologists throw in bits of film history, too.

There’s “The Dude Abides,” a coffee-infused, vodka-and-egg-white concoction with stout, ancho chile, walnut and salted honey syrup, in homage to the White Russians that Jeff Bridges’ character downed like Kool-Aid (“Jesus, you mix a hell of a Caucasian, Jackie”).

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