Neo-Nazi hate group The Base and Hezbollah added to Australian terror list

A far-right neo-Nazi group and the Lebanese militant group and political party Hezbollah are now officially terror organisations in Australia, making membership of either a criminal offence.

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews declared the update to the terror list today, calling The Base a “violent, racist and neo-Nazi organisation” known to be planning attacks in several nations.

Ms Andrews said the “entirety” of Hezbollah was now regarded as a terror organisation by the Australian government.

A man fires in the air during the funeral of three Hezbollah supporters
A man fires in the air during the funeral of three Hezbollah supporters. (AP)

Anyone who now tries to fund Hezbollah from Australia will face criminal charges.

She would not be drawn on how many members in each group were active in Australia, except to say it was “fluid”.

The Base had organised paramilitary training camps overseas, Ms Andrew said.

Members of The Base pose for propaganda material.
Members of The Base pose for propaganda material. (Supplied)

Listed as a terror organisation in the UK and US, The Base is led by Rinaldo Nazzaro, a former FBI and Pentagon employee, who now lives in Russia.

The Base joins the only other far-right group on the list, Sonnenkrieg Division, which spouts a violent white-supremacist ideology.

Ms Andrews said listing The Base and Hezbollah brings Australia in line with many international partners.

The terror threat level in Australia remains at “probable”.

Ms Andrews said that meant agencies had “credible intelligence” there are individuals with the capability and the intent to conduct a terrorist attack in Australia.

Prior to today’s announcement, there were 26 organisations on Australia’s terror list.

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