NBA fined Knicks forward Julius Randle for fifth time this season

It has been an up-and-down year and one filled with multiple fines for Julius Randle. The NBA most recently fined the Knicks forward $40,000 for directing hostile language toward a referee in the franchise’s 108-93 loss to the Jazz on Sunday at Madison Square Garden.

Tuesday marked the fifth fine this season that is Randle-related. Before Tuesday’s fine, Randle was fined $50,000 on March 6 for starting an on-court altercation by forcefully shoving Suns forward Cam Johnson and making contact with a game official in his attempt to get at Johnson. He was also fined for not complying with the NBA’s investigation into the incident. 

Randle’s other fines include not speaking with the media (which was given to the Knicks) and using profane language during a press conference in January as well as kicking a ball in the stands.

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