Natural immunity doesn’t seem to matter to ‘vaccine passport enthusiasts’

Sky News host Rita Panahi says natural immunity against COVID-19 doesn’t seem to matter to “vaccine passport enthusiasts”.

It comes amid a controversy surrounding tennis superstar Novak Djokovic who may be barred from attending the Australian Open next year if he does not reveal his vaccination status.

“Now, we know that Djokovic does not want to disclose whether he’s had the COVID vaccine, but we also know that the nine-time Australian Open champ was infected with the virus last year,” Ms Panahi said.

“And we know that for at least a certain period those who have been previously infected have natural immunity, but that doesn’t seem to matter to vaccine passport enthusiasts who relish the opportunity to exclude the unvaccinated from society.

“World-renowned infectious disease expert and Harvard Medical School professor, Dr Martin Kulldorff, has said that if vaccine passports are to be used then those who have natural immunity should be granted equal access.”

Dr Kulldorff has written those who have previously been infected and do not want to be vaccinated are not anti-vaccine, “they simply understand science and natural acquired immunity.”

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