Millionaire pooch selling Miami villa once owned by Madonna | National News

She has taken care of the last three Gunthers and often brings the current dog with her on routine trips to the market or visits to the kennel where she cares for strays.

“He’s not aggressive at all,” she said, saying many people write off the breed as wolves. “He’s very good with other animals.”

“They’re very protective with their owner, with their people. They like to have the family around so I usually invite friends with other dogs over,” she said during a phone interview.

She talks with the board that oversees the trust a few times a month. The Miami real estate market is so hot, with such limited inventory, they decided it was an opportune time to sell.

The Assoulines are accustomed to multi-million dollar listings, but this one seemed unbelievable.

“When it was explained that this house was bought by this German shepherd, I was like, ‘What are you talking about? I’m not following you’,” Ruthie Assouline said.

When she first met Gunther, he covered her face with such sloppy kisses that he licked off her lipstick, she laughed.

As luxurious as Gunther’s life sound, he still has drama and hardships like everyone. Back in Italy, Riccitelli has two other dogs that live with Gunther — his favorite playmates.

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