Many in the UK view politics as either a ‘horror movie’ or ‘entertainment’

Former UK Labour Press Secretary Alastair Campbell says he believes it is “dangerous” many in the United Kingdom either view their politics as a “bit of a horror movie” or as “entertainment”.

“You’ve got a section of the population who is utterly obsessed about what’s happening in the country politically and economy and geopolitically,” he told Sky News Australia.

“And then over here definitely you’ve got a lot of people who just think there’s nothing I can do, I feel helpless.

“There’s nothing I can do, this government looks like they’re going to be in for a while, I think the Prime Minister’s a liar, I think the cabinet’s useless, I don’t think Labour are holding to them account properly, I think the media’s become a bit of a joke, but what do I do?

“There’s a lot of the around the place as well and that I think is dangerous.”

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