Man arrested over missing Victorian campers; Queensland COVID-19 testing row resolved

Australian Medical Association South Australia chief Dr Michelle Atchison has warned that it’s “too early” for the state to be re-opening its borders.

“There are different numbers floating around but 80 per cent (full vaccination) was the number that we felt was the safest one to open up at,” Dr Atchison told Today.

“But unfortunately we are not at 80 per cent, and that leaves pockets of the population particularly vulnerable.”

She said South Australia’s success at containing COVID-19 outbreaks could have contributed to a slow take-up of vaccines.

“It is all health literacy, about people understanding that COVID-19 is a serious illness,” she said.

Dr Atchison said she was also worried about the burden the state’s hospital system could face if an outbreak occurred.

“We have ramping, we have elective surgery being pushed into the public sector, so we are not coping at the moment,” she said.

“We do have some plans as to how we are going to cope, but we have to put that into action in the coming weeks.”

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