Louis Vuitton stages Virgil Abloh swansong in Paris | Lifestyles

Garish sheeny purples, jelly bean blues and lots of acid color mixed with gold chains, thick collars and caps worn to the side. Prints and motifs gleamed in overpowering combinations.

Abloh’s street-infused styles had marked a departure for the house from the more luxuriant styles of his predecessor, British designer Kim Jones. Now the big question is whether Vuitton will continue in Abloh’s vein, or change tack again.

In a sign of Abloh’s popularity, Louis Vuitton is presenting the show twice on Thursday.


Paris Fashion Week celebrities, designers and editors face strict COVID-19 measures and are must provide proof of vaccination to enter shows.

Under the latest guidance from Paris authorities, only seated, masked guests may attend, spaced at one-meter (3-foot) intervals, while fewer photographers than usual are allowed.

On Sunday, the French government gave final approval to President Emmanuel Macron’s plans for a vaccine pass, requiring everyone to have a certificate of vaccination to enter public venues.

Functionality is at the heart of trendy Danish brand Rains. Designers Daniel Brix and Philip Lotko — who met at Denmark’s TEKO Design School, before founding the label in 2012 — seem to have precipitation on the mind.

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