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Thanksgiving Day turkey cooking has come a long way since I was a kid. I still have fond memories of seeing mom cook her turkey in that special oven bag enclosed in the massive roaster we only brought out once a year. Those turkeys still have a place in my heart, but….

That was then and this is now. As a backyard BBQ enthusiast, I have come to find out there are so many ways to add an extra punch to your turkey. You can brine, inject, season, glaze, spritz, and my favorite smoke and fry. Let’s discuss these methods and some of the products out there that are turkey fan favorites.

This method is as easy as adding salt, sugar, and spices to water and placing your turkey in overnight. No need to bore you with the science behind this method, just know that brining will provide you with the juiciest bird you will ever have. While there are thousands of recipes out there, here are some ready to go brine kits to make things simple.

This brine combines a unique blend of spices, brown sugar, salt, and Worcestershire to make sure your turkey is moist, tender, and super flavorful. The Kosmos Q team has received numerous awards on the BBQ competition circuit, so you know it has been tested and you know it’s good.

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