Keeping your chickens healthy and pest-free has never been easier

A complete solution for healthy, pest-free and happy chickens has arrived in New Zealand. 

It’s essential to regularly inspect your flock, have a prevention routine, and support your hen’s immune system. Nettex develop and manufacture the UK’s leading poultry nutrition and healthcare range and have been supplying solutions for more than 10 years to help make caring for chickens easier. The Nettex Poultry range is now available in New Zealand through its family-owned and Kiwi-operated distributor, Fourflax Ltd.


1.  Check the coop every few days for signs of red mites – these parasites live in cracks in coop walls and perches, and only emerge after dark to feed off the chickens.

2. Spray Nettex Poultry Total Mite Kill in the coop and run to kill mites, lice and bacteria.

3. If your chickens are looking a bit pale from an infestation, add Nettex Poultry Vit Boost Tonic to help support their immune system.

4. If your hens are laying less frequently, add Nettex Poultry Egg and Shell Support Powder to their feed to help improve egg and shell quality.

Ask for Nettex Poultry at your nearest rural farm store or buy online at Proudly distributed in New Zealand by Fourflax Ltd.


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