Israeli pop star Ben El Tavori gets cozy with Kim Kardashian’s stylist

Israeli pop star Ben El Tavori posted an Instagram story revealing a snuggly shot of him and an anonymous woman.

The story he posted on Monday drew the attention of the singer’s 512,000 Instagram followers.

Besides her luscious black mane, the picture leaves other features of the mystery woman unidentifiable. Ben El left us even more intrigued with the caption, reading “SHE’S HERE”.

So who’s this mysterious figure hiding in his embrace, and why are we so stirred by her identity?

Turns out her name is Danielle Levi, and aside from being of Jewish descent, she’s the assistant of Kim Kardashian’s stylist Dani Michelle. Levi is present in all the Kardashian productions and can be linked back to some of Kim Kardashian’s most iconic looks. If that wasn’t enough, she also makes frequent appearances on Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic’s Instagram.

Apparently, Tavori and Levi met during one of his trips to Los Angeles over the past few months. The two kept in touch, yet are still skirting around titles of an official relationship.

With all due respect to avoiding titles, posting cuddly stories on social media and flying 15 hours to the other side of the world to see each other tells us the two may indeed be getting serious.

On a different note, we hope Danielle gives Bel El a wardrobe makeover, and we’re staying tuned to see what comes next.

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