Israeli hospitals mobilize to help Ukrainian refugees in Israel

Clalit Health Services and the “Lemaanchem” association erected a hotline with the purpose of providing information and medical attention to the hundreds of Ukrainian refugees that arrived, and are expected to continue arriving, in Israel as they flee the fighting in Ukraine.

In light of the the bureaucratic and financial challenges expected for the incoming refugees, the hotline will offer services in Hebrew, English, Ukrainian, and Russian that will direct them to the Clalit hospitals.

Chairman of “Lemaanchem”, medical advisor Rabbi Yossi Arablich, said that “the situation the refugees are in is complicated, more so when medical problems are added, and its our obligation to lend a helping hand. Our medical advisors are available for every request”.

Arablich said that he spoke with a pregnant woman on her way from Romania to Israel, who was concerned she wouldn’t be able to upkeep her at-risk pregnancy in Israel. “We turned to Clalit and the National Insurance, and reassured her that there is no reason to worry, he said. “We’ve ran into people that are currently amid medical treatments, some are severely sick and in need of hospitalization in Israel, and Clalit is determined to give immediate attention to the matter”.

Ruth Relbag, CEO of Clalit, said her HMO began preparing right away. “Dr. Orly Weinstein, VP and Head of our Hospital Division, in cooperation with hospital managers, got together some Russian speaking doctors from different fields, who will be able to easily communicate with the patients arriving from Ukraine, provide them with professional, attentive, and efficient medical attention,” she said.

Refugees in need of assistance should call *6884, or 054-4867442 though WhatsApp (assistance in Russian available)

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