IPhone Black Friday 2021 Deals: Are They Worth It? | Personal-finance

If you’re looking for an unlocked device, you may find more options by going the pre-owned route. We’ve spotted discounts on refurbished iPhones from retailers like Amazon and GameStop.

How to decide if it’s worth it

Inflation and supply chain shortages may lead to a smaller assortment of deals and longer shipping delays on popular iPhones. Take advantage of discounts while you can find them, and prepare for the possibility that the phone you want could take weeks to arrive.

Remember to read the terms and conditions closely. Savings typically come with conditions, such as trading in a previous-generation iPhone or adding a line to your account. If an attractive deal is offered only on another plan or network, it might be worth switching to get it — as long as you understand what you’re signing up for.

How to budget for an iPhone

First, figure out how much you can afford to spend on a new phone. You can use a budget planner to map out your monthly expenses and estimate how much wiggle room you have.

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