Inspired by her mother, Isabel Allende publishes ‘Violeta’ | Health, Med. & Fitness

MIAMI (AP) — Shortly before the coronavirus pandemic began, Isabel Allende suffered one of the greatest losses of her life: The death of her mother.

On Tuesday, the Chilean author published “Violeta”, a novel that begins and ends with an epidemic and that covers the last 100 years of history through the eyes of a grandmother inspired by her mom, Panchita, one of the women who marked her the most.

Violeta, a strong woman who manages to overcome innumerable obstacles, gradually reveals details of her family and love life to her grandson Camilo, whom she has raised since the day he was born.

Set mainly in the Chilean Patagonia, with moments in Argentina, Miami and Norway, the novel deals with a wide range of themes, from feminism and verbal abuse, human rights violations and homosexuality, to amorous passions, infidelity and even global warming.

Throughout its almost 400 pages, it also reviews socialist movements, communism, military dictatorships in the Southern Cone and democracies.

“Violeta, like my mother, was a person, a beautiful woman, that wasn’t very aware of her beauty. She was smart, visionary, talented, with good ideas to make money,” Allende, 79, says in an interview in Spanish from her home in California. “She takes all the chances, whether it’s her love life and the life she wants to lead … The difference is that my mom always depended financially on someone.”

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