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How to Use

Depending on your skincare routine and goals, there are several different ways to use a face roller. Using a roller in the morning can help tighten your skin, increase circulation for the day (hello glow!), and decrease puffiness from sleep. Incorporate a roller after you moisturize but before you apply makeup (rolling on top of your moisturizer and oils can help your skin better absorb these applications). It’s best to move in an outward motion away from the center of your face to encourage toned skin (think of pulling your skin to tighten everything, rather than pushing it down to sag or bunch up). If, however, you’re using a face roller to relax and destress, then incorporating one into your nighttime skincare routine is a great option. Again, use the face roller after you’ve applied your moisturizer; night is also a good time to use the roller for under-eye puffiness so that your eye cream is best absorbed.

Choosing the Best Kind

Like with any wellness product, there are countless versions of face rollers available. Choosing the right kind for your budget and skincare routine is an important part of getting the most out of this product. 

Face rollers have historically been made out of jade; this hard, smooth stone is naturally cooling, and many believe that jade provides balance in one’s life. Jade rollers are popular and easy to find across all budgets. This version has a larger roller for your forehead and cheeks and a smaller side for delicate areas. Rose quartz and amethyst are also popular stone options for face rollers. Both crystals are thought to relieve stress and connect with balancing energy, so these options are soothing for those who want to incorporate some mindfulness in their skincare routine. Any stone roller can be put into the freezer for added cooling benefits, so these are good choices for users looking for basic yet versatile options. If you’d like something a bit fancier, try a stainless steel roller that has spherical (rather than oval-shaped) massaging heads. This shape will give you even more precision around delicate areas and can feel like a more indulgent massage (be careful putting stainless steel in the freezer, however, as it might get too cold and damage your skin).

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