ICAC ‘really focusing on’ Gladys Berejiklian’s undeclared relationship

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the ICAC hearing into former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s relationship with disgraced MP Daryl Maguire is “very serious” as it has forced her to resign.

“When we’re seeing all this sort of prurient and detailed evidence come forward, we can see why she had to resign; she did the right thing by the government stepping aside,” he told Sky News Australia.

“Imagine her going through this if she was still in parliament, effectively the premier and waiting on the backbench or the like.”

Mr Kenny said the inquiry had “gone nowhere near” trying to prove Ms Berejiklian had done anything improper or illegal.

He said the issue ICAC is “really focusing on” is whether the former premier should have declared her relationship with Mr Maguire.

“At the very most, if she did the wrong thing in some people’s eyes by not declaring it, then she’s failed to declare a potential conflict of interest, but I think it’s a moot point,” Mr Kenny said.

“She didn’t tell her family about this relationship; that’s a pretty good test for people normally as to whether or not they’re in a serious relationship; the first people they tell are their family and friends.”

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