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Other great websites and apps for finding campgrounds and reading reviews include Campendium, AllStays, and Campground Reviews.

Where to Look for Unique Campgrounds

Hoping to find somewhere unique to camp? In that case, you might be better off using Harvest Hosts. This incredible service gives RVers the opportunity to camp in all kinds of cool places that aren’t listed in any other campground database. These campsites might be located at vineyards, on farms, or even at museums.

Most Harvest Hosts sites are dry camping spots that are included with a super inexpensive Harvest Hosts membership. That said, some do offer hookups for an additional small fee.

What all Harvest Hosts sites do include is the chance to experience something new and unique during your camping adventure. Some hosts who are signed up for this service will give guests the opportunity to help with farm chores or go on museum tours, and the vast majority of these campsites include incredible views.

Tips for Camping on a Budget

Harvest Hosts is definitely one of the very best ways to camp on a budget. That said, there are other options, and most campers can stand to have a few different choices in their back pocket. From free dry camping to awesome camping memberships, here are our favorite ways to camp on a budget.

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