Health Tips: What Is Dengue Fever? Causes, Symptoms And Preventive Measures, EXPLAINED

Do’s And Don’ts Of Dengue : Dengue fever which is commonly known as bone fever,  is primarily caused when an Aedes mosquito carrying Dengue virus bites a healthy person. It can sometimes lead to severe diseases known as dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome. The symptoms includes headache, fever, joint pain, rashes, vomiting and more. Recently, the outbreak of this deadly tropical disease caused a major concern for health officials because of the lack of proper and effective treatment plans in India. According to reports, Delhi alone has recorded 382 cases in the month of October. In this video we will briefly explained what leads to dengue, it’s symptoms, causes and precautionary measures. Watch video.Also Read – 5 Reasons How Koreans Are Always Healthy and Fit

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