Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins give landmark speeches at National Press Club; Queensland records 24 new COVID-19 deaths; Premier at odds with PM over tourist entry; NSW records 20 deaths, 10,312 new cases

Julie Hare from The Australian Financial Review has noted in her question that most of the crowd at the Press Club today are female, with the majority being journalists.

“I can’t see many male bureau chiefs here, and that is an observation,” Ms Higgins said.

“It is not a judgement on any of the women here. I know you are incredible journalists and you guys have spearheaded the story this entire year, so I am grateful to you all.

“There has been a perception to an extent that it is a women’s issue and it should be, whether it is a sensitivity thing, I am not saying it is entirely out of a place of them not particularly caring about the issue, but it is a conversation they don’t feel comfortable in participating in.

“But I think it is very telling, just the numbers in the room and who seems to care about the issue, or at least be vocal about caring about the issue, definitely.”

Ms Tame has taken a different view – saying that “men are not the enemy”.

“I speak with a lot of men, actually, and in fact, early on, when I was finding my voice, and actually before I had a public voice, it was men who I was relating to first, and it was the stories of males surviving clergy abuse who I was relating to before I even spoke to any women who were abused as children,” she said.

“It is about human beings and, if we take away whatever the form of division is, whether it is gender or whatever it may be, it is about abuse of power, and that is what we have to remember.

“Men are not the enemy. It is abuse of power. It is behaviour. It is behaviour, that is the enemy,” Ms Tame said.

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