Gladys Berejiklian to take on new role at Optus; National Cabinet updates vaccine rules; Australia to move to final phase of COVID-19 roadmap; NSW records 19 deaths, 8950 cases

Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant has revealed the ages and underlying health conditions in COVID-related deaths.

In the period to 4pm on Thursday February 10, NSW recorded 141 deaths with the virus including 52 women and 89 men.

Dr Chant broke the ages of deaths down into age groups including five people were 40 to 49, three people were 50 to 59, 16 were 60 to 69, 34 were 70 to 79, 47 were 80 to 89, 35 were 90 to 99 and one person was over 100.

Thirty-two people were not vaccinated, two people had one vaccine dose, 75 had two vaccine doses and 32 had three vaccine doses.

Dr Chant said 53 of the deaths were in aged care facilities.

Dr Chant also revealed the co-morbidities of the recent COVID-19 deaths:

  • Two people had diabetes
  • Four people had chronic pulmonary disease, chronic lung disease not asthma
  • Three people had asthma
  • Two people had significant immunocompromise
  • Two people had significant renal disease
  • Two people had cancers
  • Two people had obstructive sleep apnea
  • One person had a chronic neurological condition

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