Gators coach Dan Mullen addresses firing Todd Grantham, John Hevesy

Florida coach Dan Mullen shook up his staff Sunday, firing a pair of longtime assistants in defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and offensive line coach John Hevesy. 

It was a decision that had been weighing on Mullen, he said Monday, as both units regressed in October. He planned to make changes at the end of the season, but Saturday’s 40-17 loss at South Carolina forced his hand. 

“Those guys are both friends of mine. I have a lot of respect for them. But my responsibility as the head coach is to do what I feel is best for the Florida Gators. And that comes above it all,” Mullen said. “I think Todd’s an excellent, excellent football coach and there’s times that we’ve played great defense. We just haven’t done it consistently. We’re one of the top rushing teams in the country — we just haven’t been consistent with John and the offensive line. 

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