Fully vaccintated hairdressers are displaying a confirmation sticker on the door to reassure customers

Barbers cannot open under level 3 restrictions.


Barbers cannot open under level 3 restrictions.

Fully vaccinated hairdressers and barbers are displaying a Covid-19 vaccination status sticker at the entrance of their businesses.

The “our team is vaccinated” stickers went out to Hair and Barber NZ Makawe me Kaikuti Makawe o Aotearoa members this week with many promoting their status on Facebook and at the salon door.

Hair and Barber president Niq James​ said the association surveyed members on how they felt about vaccination and health and safety issues. Information about the vaccine was also provided before producing the ‘fully vaccinated’ stickers.

“We gave people time to think, time to get vaccinated and then offered the sticker,” James​ said.

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James said most hairdressers were female, and many of them mothers who were careful to protect themselves from the virus.

Like frontline healthcare staff, hairdressers and barbers interacted closely with clients and needed protection, he said.

Auckland University epidemiology professor Rod Jackson supported the campaign with a video message posted on the Hair and Barber Facebook page.

Hairdressers and Barbers NZ vaccination sticker are popping up at salons throughout the country.


Hairdressers and Barbers NZ vaccination sticker are popping up at salons throughout the country.

Jackson​ said hairdressers and barbers were a high risk group for contracting Covid-19.

He said 99 per cent of doctors were vaccinated, which was evidence the vaccine was safe.

Wearing a mask for two hours while getting her hair coloured on Wednesday at Headspace hair salon in Christchurch, Jayne Whyte​ said she felt relaxed.

”Reading the window sticker and seeing the Facebook page post reassured me the salon was doing the right thing,” Whyte​ said.

James said businesses in Auckland would not open fully before 90 per cent vaccination rate was achieved, and it was the duty of business owners to get fully vaccinated.

The stickers also meant staff did not have to reassure customers at the door that everyone was vaccinated.

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