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Foster Grant: How To Shop for Sunglasses 

(Broadry) — This holiday season, are a new pair of sunnies on your wishlist? With so many options available, it may be overwhelming to shop online. Here’s some things to consider while considering sunglasses that offer both maximum eye protection and a desired style:

When it comes to shopping around for sunglasses, first narrow down the type of sunglasses that will work best for you. There are general sunglasses (for daily life) but also a variety of shades available that are designed for certain activities or style preferences. In addition, there are sunglasses that can be paired with your prescription eyewear. 

Sunglasses — General, sport, fashion, driving, night driving, polarized or more

SunReaders — Sunglasses and readers in one 

Fist Overs — Fits over readers or prescription eyewear

ClipOns — Attaches to readers or prescription eyewear 

Flip Ups — Attaches to the bridge of eyewear and can flip up and down

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