Forest For Families wants a tree for all this Christmas

Shaun Kay, left and Madi Hall from Blacksheepdesign, are calling for goodwill and Christmas tree donations.


Shaun Kay, left and Madi Hall from Blacksheepdesign, are calling for goodwill and Christmas tree donations.

An initiative is keen to spread joy and ensure every family can gather around a Christmas tree this holiday season.

Forest For Families are asking people in Palmerston North to give some colour by donating trees, decorations, and lights to families in need.

Shaun Kay, who is one of the organisers, said Christmas was a hard time of year financially for many families.

“Christmas trees and decorations is probably their last thought on their mind, where food on the table is vital. So an added bonus and added extra is to supply people with many trees.”

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Forest For Families would collect donations at Blacksheepdesign on Cuba St, who would pass them on to St Vincent De Paul Op Shop to distribute to families.

They were accepting donations for trees, decorations, nativity sets, and Christmas lights up until December 10, although they wouldn’t turn away late donations.

In the previous two years they had done it, they had received good support, with a couple of car loads worth of Christmas ornaments in 2020, Kay said.

St Vincent De Paul Op Shop manager Toni Bidois said they worked with about 800 families, suppling food parcels and other services throughout the year.

The Christmas trees and decorations would be distributed to the network of families they had helped.

Bidois said in addition to the trees and decorations, they delivered food and toys to families for Christmas.

“You can’t tell a four year old, just because of Covid, Santa is not coming.”

Madi Hall, who worked as a digital marketer at Blacksheepdesign, said staff wanted to help each other and do good for the community.

“There are definitely people out there who can’t enjoy the things we do. So I think it’s just giving back a little bit and doing something as simple as just bringing joy to families on Christmas, because a lot of families don’t get that.”

Donations can be dropped off at 227 Cuba St between 8.30am and 5pm.

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